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Track: Comeback Kid
Artist: Sleigh Bells
Album: Reign Of Terror
Plays: 2

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

Track: Tied Up in Nottz
Artist: Sleaford Mods
Album: Divide and Exit
Plays: 24

Sleadford Mods - Tied up in Nottz

it’s a shame that they have to swear so much… like.. in every song. However if you look past this swearing you get some great beat tracks and spokenword.

Track: Im Going Down
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Plays: 237823


my kisses used to turn you inside out

Track: By the Throat
Album: The Bones of What You Believe (Deluxe Edition)
Plays: 12369


By the Throat // CHVRCHES

Track: MY KZ, UR BF
Artist: Everything Everything
Album: Man Alive
Plays: 3605


Everything Everything - MY KZ, UR BF

Track: Shuggie
Artist: Foxygen
Album: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
Plays: 10807

shuggie // foxygen

Track: Mercy
Artist: Code Orange
Album: I Am King
Plays: 814


We are taught to pity and pry from the cradle.
I will find the mercy in me
To kill the way I used to think.


Not-So-New Album Review #1

Burning Airlines - Mission: Control! (1999)

J. Robbins, a man who has been known around the post-punk/hardcore scene in the late 90’s and early 00’s created this interesting band with his former bandmate Bill Barbot from Jawbox. Burning Airlines, an interesting name, took a whole new meaning after the September 11 attacks in New York. This proved to be a difficulty for the band when many venues refused to broadcast the name “Burning Airlines,” on their bills. 

The album plays nicely, and you can get the songs bouncing around your head after just one listen. I have left and revisited this album many many times over the years. One of the most striking aspects to the album is just how tight the trio is. It’s definitely more poppy that their preceding Jawbox tracks, but it’s so tight and catchy that it just works. The drums are grooving, the guitar riffs and melodies bounce right on top and keep it alive, and J. Robbins’ low range voice brings it all together.

All in all, its a steady rock album and definitely worth a good listen. The first half is more tame and steady rocking, while the last half pics up the pace and the mood. This will definitely get your head rocking!


Track: I Guess I'm Not Dead Yet
Artist: Fox Academy
Album: I Guess I'm Not Dead Yet,
Plays: 363


i havent seen this song on here so i thought i would post it (x)

i’m laying down in a field by myself 

twelve hundred flowers i threw at ur house but who cares 

losing my friends but were they really there I don’t care 

drowning in rain and its filling my veins but who cares 

i painted you sleeping with a knife in ur hand do you care


i can think of a few tumblr rappers who would tear this shit to pieces

Track: Straight & Arrow (Gold Panda Remix)
Artist: FaltyDL
Album: Ninja Tune Publishing & Synch Sampler Vol. 16
Plays: 12

FaltyDL - ‘Straight & Arrow (Gold Panda Remix)’

Gold Panda’s signature chime sound from their last album showing a bit here… captivating 

Track: With Ease
Album: The Trip
Plays: 2

Dexter - ‘With Ease’ 

Bringing the beat this week

Track: Gambling
Artist: Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards
Album: Blindspot
Plays: 4

Dan Michaels and the Coastguards - ‘Gambling’

Slow Number for a slow time.

Track: DaDaDa
Artist: Bo Ningen
Album: III
Plays: 0

There’s no stopping this train.

Bo Ningen - ‘DaDaDa’

Track: Hooked on a Feeling
Artist: Blue Swede
Album: Awesome Mix Vol.1 from AGR
Plays: 892

Personally, i loved Guardians of the Galaxy..