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Track: Bad Brain Day
Artist: PS I Love You
Album: For Those Who Stay
Plays: 4

PS I Love You - ‘Bad Brain Day’

One of my top bands, this album is definitely going to be one of my top recommendations this year. This track in particular is the first time they have turned their amps down really and they still sound great… Don’t expect the rest of their music to be anything like this though, or you’ll get a kick in the teeth by the speakers.

Track: Prototypes
Artist: Iron Chic
Album: The Constant One
Plays: 801


Iron Chic - Prototypes

Gotta have a touch of punk in your life from time to time

Track: Binge
Artist: Papa Roach
Album: Infest
Plays: 4

Papa Roach - ‘Binge’

The intro is kick-ass, it kinda dies down a bit after that.

Track: Coup De Grace
Artist: Motörhead
Album: Aftershock
Plays: 2

Motörhead - ‘Coup De Grace’

They may be looking their age but their riffs are still fresh as hell.

Track: Goldfinger
Artist: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Plays: 2

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - ‘Goldfinger’

Track: Nyiduonge Drums (Champion Remix)
Artist: Owiny Sigoma Band
Album: Nyiduonge Drums
Plays: 6

Owiny Sigoma Band - ‘Nyiduonge Drums (Champion Remix)’

Track: High
Artist: Madlib
Album: Piñata Beats
Plays: 408

Madlib - ‘High’

Track: In-camera
Artist: Housewives
Album: Housewives EP
Plays: 14

Housewives - ‘In-camera’

Track: Ride My Dub
Artist: Bill Callahan
Album: Have Fun with God
Plays: 4

Bill Callahan - ‘Have Fun with God’

Track: The Sad Milkman
Artist: Andrew Bird
Album: Things Are Really Great Here, Sort of...
Plays: 24

Andrew Bird - ‘The Sad Milkman’

Track: Avalon Blues
Artist: Mississippi John Hurt
Plays: 59


Artist: Mississippi John Hurt
Track: Avalon Blues
Album: Single
Year: 1928

Track: Why Won't They Talk To Me?
Artist: Tame Impala
Album: Lonerism
Plays: 12517

Tame Impala // Why Wont They Talk To Me?

Track: Machinehead
Artist: Bush
Album: Sixteen Stone
Plays: 783


Bush - Machinehead


Brigth Engelberts & The B.E. Movement - Tolambo Funk

Track: Baby Boy (Sudanim Remix)
Artist: Beyonce (ft. Sean Paul)
Album: MD Box / Baby Boy
Plays: 8

Beyonce (ft. Sean Paul) - ‘Baby Boy (Sudanim Remix)’